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As we navigate through pandemic protocols, I haven't told many of you personally how impressed I am with your families and your children. You have been incredibly supportive of our efforts to prevent COVID-19 from entering our facility, and your children have been simply amazing. Truly. Amazing.

Whether your child is 2-1/2 or 6, or any age in between, the children have been incredible about wearing masks and face shields. Naturally, we had the occasional moment when a child doesn't want to wear a mask or face shield. Still, in almost every case, they are happy with the alternative -- working by themselves further away for a while. They understand that this isn't "punishment" but a way to keep them and their friends safe and healthy.

As we try and coax families back with our dedication to being at the forefront of pandemic protocols (I am not satisfied with being "one of the best;" I want us to be "the best"), I realized that we've focused so much on those protocols that we may not have talked about other things that are important to us. As part of that, I'm working on defining who Language Garden is and what is most important to us.

As part of that, we just did an exercise to choose words and phrases that really represent who we are:

  • Disciplined. We are focused on caring for your children as they explore new and exciting worlds.

  • Creative. We are always looking for new ways to help your child learn and explore.

  • Warm. Being loved and valued is an important part of being willing to risk learning new things.

  • Caring. We support the things your child wants to learn.

  • Responsible. Your children feel like our family.

That last one may seem strange, but we have kept our school small so that we can understand and guide each child across all of our areas of expertise.

If you aren't already part of the Language Garden family, please give us a call at (425) 223-3851 to see how we can help your child prepare for a successful future!

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