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Information on the 2020 Wuhan Coronavirus

The coronavirus that began to emerge in mid-January in Wuhan is concerning and something to watch, but is not something that should induce panic. Coronaviruses have included SARS between 2002 and 2004 when there were 8,098 cases of SARS that resulted in 774 people dying (click here for more information). 

3/16/2020 -- We have been asked to remain open by the State of Washington. The risk of transmission is low in pre-schools, and is likely especially low in ours. Both Caroline and Chris have operated a school in Taiwan during SARS and have brought that experience here to help with creating what we think is one of the best infection control protocols in Early Childhood Education. Please be aware of the following:

-- Parents are not allowed in the classrooms, only children and staff

-- All staff and children must disinfect hands when entering the classrooms

-- We are sanitizing our entire facility once per hour

-- Staff with masks are the only people going out to buy supplies for the school

We didn't have a single SARS infection at the school they operated in Taiwan and we are doing our utmost to minimize risks at our school here.